Aeon mq 6 helix download

Aeon mq 6 helix

As a had promised, I am publishing Aeon MQ 6 (Helix) version beta 1 2 - This version is destinated only to the users of Kodi Helix. KODI Skin Aeon MQ6 Helix is being translated to 42 languages on Transifex. Sign up to help translate or start your own project. The traditional Aeon MQ reaches its sixth edition. Reformulated, very simple to use, with a new code that provides a lightweight and powerful.

10 Apr - 3 min - Uploaded by yuval daskal Skin MOD - AEON SHEDNOX HELIX. How to customize the AEON MQ6 Skin for Kodi. The Aeon MQ 6 skin has finally been released to the public, well sort of, this is a public preview and is for Helix users only. The skin can be downloaded from. Aeon MQ 6 Skin Public Preview for Kodi Helix Review - Aeon MQ 6 Skin Public Preview for Kodi Helix Review Official KODI forum.

The Aeon MQ6 skin has been updated to MQ7. The public release of the MQ7 skin is now available. A skin in p - all code was altered and. 7. Nov. WHAT'S NEW ON AEON MQ 6 OVER AEON MQ 5? Added: New Extrapack script . (thanks to ronie) Added: New Aeon MQ 6 UI Sounds.