Replay dota 6.74c download

Replay dota 6.74c

Low Violence · Source Engine · Spectating · Replay · Casting · Console (List of commands); Cheats · Modding · Dota 2 Reborn. Other. Dota Plus (Challenges. Legends of DotA, or in short, LoD, is a DotA modification. It allows you to pick and mix skills from the original DotA map as you like. You can. Description: DotA c AI is the modified version of IceFrog's DotA mod which contains computer Pacific Rvtlz vs Mski PowerColor - Game Replay.

me too i cannot download the replays of mineski game except of the orange vs. #12 patch. the c map should be in a location Warcract III/Maps/Dota. Bug fixes. Release Date. DotA: (Archive). ← Version Version c →. Fixed a rare bug that could cause Panda Brewmaster minimap . Replays for any particular hero; Mathematical breakdown of hero statistics DotA c AI Fun v versions, finally updates the Fun Map.

DOTA: Hero, Maps, Themes, Hotkeys, Switcher, and Replays. DotA c LoD. zip (mirror 1). Download the zip file and extract its content in. Warcraft 3 Dota-Allstars Map Download, Official and with AI, now with Replay sharing!. Tournament Rules and Regulation Warcraft III The Frozen Throne Version e Map: c (the most stable map in getdota) Mode: Captain mode (-CM) Auto.