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Pspdev toolchain

This program will automatically build and install a compiler and other tools used in the creation of homebrew software for the Sony Playstation Portable handheld videogame system. autoconf, automake, bison, flex, gcc, g++/gcc-c++, libusb-dev, make, ncurses, patch, readline. A script to automatically build an open-source toolchain for PSP homebrew Automatically build a docker image with the pspdev toolchain ready to be used for. Support code for linking with the full Standard C Library provided with the PSPDEV toolchain. * An implementation of the libGU graphics library. libGU provides.

Please read Getting the Tools for insight on getting PSPDEV. GitHub PSPDEV Extras Toolchain Source · GitHub PSPDEV Windows PSPSDK build + external. EDIT: merged on thanks for taking the time to update the toolchain, really appreciated ;). Top. export PATH=”$PATH:$PSPDEV/bin:$PSPSDK/bin”; Load environment changes. source ~/.bashrc; Now for the long part, build the toolchain and sdk. sudo.

You might want to create a shortcut to the samples, which are in /usr/local/pspdev /psp/sdk/samples, but have a look at the other folders anyway. Installing the PSP toolchain is a pain though. Copy that entire folder into /usr/ local/pspdev - you should end up with /usr/local/pspdev/SDK. devkitPSP was only ever a courtesy build of the toolchain patches found at https:// which unfortunately doesn't actually fit that. PSPDEV=/usr/local/pspdev PATH=/usr/local/pspdev/bin Subversion is required to grab the necessary files for the PSP toolchain.