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Dbx debugger aix

Quick summary of commands attach process detach process list threads select specific thread current thread stack specific thread stack print  remap library path - dump assembly code. Optimization rearranges the code and compromises the debug data, further limiting the value of debugging the executable program with the dbx command. DBX is the default debugger in IBM AIX OS. This debugger's user interface is rather unusual compared to other debugger. It is a command line.

“dbx” is the name of the debugger that is available for use on many Unix systems. This document is intended to list the most common dbx commands and briefly. For a fast problem determination you can execute the following steps. dbx program core |tee /tmp/therefugedfw.com Type 'help' for help. reading symbolic. There is a fancier X-windows interface for AIX, invoked with the command xde, but I prefer the Gnu-emacs interface, discussed below. The dbx debugger is able .

dbx is a tool for source-level debugging and execution of programs. It allows you to determine the exact statement that caused a core dump, or to monitor the. DBX is a source-level debugger found primarily on Solaris, AIX, IRIX, Tru64 UNIX , Linux and BSD operating systems. It provides symbolic debugging for.