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This is the VSM-All-In-One Collection, that contains all VSM Mods in a single download, for easier management. IMPORTANT- This pack does. A re-upload of the VSM All-In-One Collection. I do not own this mod. This mod was used on my milsim server when it was taken down, but we. This is a reuplaod of the VSM all in one pack for my milsim unit until a posting this for you reference, mod dev doesnt want any VSM.

As title says, I noticed my game didn't load any of the VSM mods and upon searching the workshop I noticed that they've been removed, what. I started this mod out of a desire to have the "Project Honor" camo To install the VSM - Gear Pack you should use modfolders to keep it. So I was using the VSM all-in-one gear pack, you know, hats, vests, backpacks, etc. Well, it seems to have disappeared. I checked, and sure.

On this page are information and links to downloads of older mods made by VSM , the younger (or principal) is highlighted with a page on the top bar. Once here. Welcome to VSM Motorsports modding site, home of VSM modifications for ISI games like: Rfactor, F1C , GTR2, etc.. Feel free to explore! We have too a. How to search or where is the link for the VSM Mod it makes the mobs fight eatchother.