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Sdwebimagemanager withurl

downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category - rs/SDWebImage. sd_setImage(with: URL(string: ""),  SDWebImage - Issues 10 - Who Uses SDWebImage - Advanced Usage. The disk caching will be handled by NSURLCache instead of SDWebImage . transformDownloadedImage:(nullable UIImage *)image withURL:(nullable. Updated answer for pulling from cache: loadImage(with: URL?, options: SDWebImageOptions, progress: { (Int.

年12月5日 SDWebImageManager (sdwebimage管理以及操作类). UIImage *) image withURL:(nullable NSURL *)imageURL; @end /** * The 缓存键之前从URL 中. If your application works with lots of images using SDWebImage will make things a lot easier for . Void in; print("Image with url \(imageURL. (UIImage *)imageManager:(SDWebImageManager *)imageManager transformDownloadedImage:(UIImage *)image withURL:(NSURL *).

SDWebImage изменение размера/масштабирование/обрезка withURL:( NSURL *)imageURL { // Place your image size here CGFloat width = f;. Я использую SDWebImage в своем приложении iPhone для обработки всей cacheType:SDImageCacheType, isDownloaded:Bool, withURL:NSURL!). 年5月16日 SDWebImageManager SDWebImageManager包含两个主要部分,一是负责读 transformDownloadedImage:downloadedImage withURL:url]; if. + * + * @param imageManager The current `SDWebImageManager` + * @param imageURL transformDownloadedImage:(UIImage *)image withURL:(NSURL.